🍍Pineapple mad🍍


So, I’ve written about my justified pineapple addiction already here Mrs Love will ALWAYS love pineapples 🍍 and when I wrote that I thought Pineapples were possibly on the way out this year…. BUT NO, I reckon, the funky pineapple  isn’t going anywhere in 2017!

Sure, other trends are around and there are looks going strong (including the leafy tropics, greens and botanicals that I, ahem, mentioned earlier in the year) BUT the pineapple has stamped it’s foot and refused to leave!

All hail the pineapple!

I’ve been focusing on my downstairs loo over the last week or so as it’s been painted and decorated but not dressed, vamped or styled. I’ve been looking for lots of different pieces including some kind of basket or box (i’m thinking tribal and retro) to store our loo rolls, bottles etc, a nice soap dispenser, hand towels, a macrame plant hanger etc and whilst scouring the net to source these finds I’ve realised, pineapples are still EVERYWHERE!

*As my loo has come up in conversation, let’s just briefly draw attention to the Maison du Monde cactus above. How. Utterly. Beautiful. Is. That. Fucking. Cactus.*

I wanted pineapple wallpaper in the summer that I became Mrs Love (2015) and there wasn’t one in existence.  I’ve had to sit and wait patiently for prints to arrive. Fast forward 2 years and all time favourite (and first stop shop for my wallpaper needs) Wallpaper direct, now have bloody loads to choose! From designer prints from Barnby Gates, to cheap and cheerful patterns like mine from Albany, £12.99 a roll in the sale. Bargain! (Full price £20) I actually chatted to someone on Instagram who told me she’d seen it for sale in B&M for £1 a roll! A pound!!?! How amazing is that?

Anyway… If you’re (still) an unashamed pineapple fan like me, I just thought id just share the array of amazing affordable pineapple shiz that i’ve found online for you to swoon over!


And if you’d like to see how we incorporated pineapples into our wedding , look up the hashtag #thelovewedding2015 on Instagram.