About me

Well hello! I’m Mrs Love ๐Ÿ’› But you can call me Aimee.

This blog is a little snippet of my colourful imagination and the things that I love and hope you love too. I’ve only been a home owner for 4 years and decorating my own home was the equivalent of giving a crazed child a piece of paper, a load of paint and saying “Go on then”. What? Free reign? No rules? Just do whatever I like? OK THEN! I’d been brought up in a (beautifully presented) ‘Next Showroom’ home for 30 years but I could now do what the hell I liked. The rebellious Aimee was in her interior element! That’s probably why I went so heavy on the colour. The child you gave the paper and paint to wouldn’t have chosen magnolia would they?!

How to define my style? Bright. Happy. Homely. Many a guest has said (when staying at ours) that our home makes them feel like they’re on holiday. What a huge compliment! I don’t know how I have created this feeling but let’s try & figure it out together.

One thing I do know; I don’t follow trends and I think, if you like something, just get it! Don’t worry about if it “goes”. It’ll “go” if it’s YOU. The more I try and be “matchy matchy” the more I get it wrong. So I just get stuff I like.

I love colour clashes. I love geometric and repetitive design. I love colour. I love the 70’s and all things retro. I love a blend of old and new furniture. I love to upcycle. I love to splurge. I love a bargain. I love Scandinavian design. I love indoor plants. I love anything and everything tropical. Most of all, I love sharing my home and the things that I love with you!

I’m just starting out in this business after a 17 year Childcare career (U-turn central) and I hope I can inspire you to be bold and be brave. Life’s too short for beige walls!